LOOK: Director Darryl Yap Slams PAL for Noisy Crew During Flight

It could've been handled better, many netizens say.
by | October 24, 2022

After nearly three years of limited flights and changing protocols, airports are becoming busier than ever as travel returns to normal. This means that pre-pandemic travel woes are returning — like crying babies in-flight, lost luggage, and everything in between. One particular passenger, director Darryl Yap, took to Facebook to share his recent experience during a flight with Philippine Airlines:


“The mouth of the Filipino”

Posted on his Facebook page, film director Darryl Yap shared his sentiments during a 50-minute flight from Laoag to Manila with Philippine Airlines.

“Sa lakas ng mga bunganga niyo magtsismisan, alam na namin and mga pinagdaanan nyo these past few days,” he wrote. Even if it was just a short flight, he said he and his team still wanted to get some rest. Pinoys are known to be “marites”, but what would you do if it’s during a flight?


Philippine Airlines apologizes

Under Yap’s post, the said airline apologized to the director, assuring him that the situation would be handled properly. Some netizens also used the thread to air out their grievances:


But some netizens aren’t having any of it

In another post, one reader said Yap could’ve approached the crew on the same day instead of posting about it. With the number of followers and influence he has, was this the best move?


It could’ve been handled better

As one netizen shared on Twitter, Yap could’ve pressed the call button and called the crew’s attention.

But this is the year 2022: confrontations are delayed and later posted online, often ~for the clout~. After all, did it really happen if you didn’t post about it?

Let’s be real: situations like this are inevitable, much like the crying baby on board (which is more embarrassing, especially for the parents), as shared in Yap’s post. Remember the Korean mom who handed out 200 bags of candies and earplugs in case her baby cried during a 10-hour flight from Seoul to San Francisco, USA?


Former cabin crew members share their experience


“Tone down [your] voice and avoid noise both in the galley and in the cabin, be it a long or a short flight,” a former cabin crew member shared in the comments section of the director’s post.

We still don’t know the details behind what happened. Nevertheless, PAL already apologized and assured the director that the situation would be handled properly.



What would you do if you had the same experience during a flight? Sound off in the comments!

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