8 Reasons Why Denmark Is One of Happiest Countries in the World

They're cold but they're happy.
by | January 26, 2016


Social relations, identity and meaning are among the benefits of work—in addition to wages. Therefore, work is important for happiness. Added to this is the fact that Danish workplaces are generally characterized by high levels of autonomy and job quality, both of which contribute to Danish happiness.

denmark birds eye

The center of Copenhagen.


Denmark has a well-developed democracy with a high level of political participation, good governance and a low level of corruption. This provides the opportunity to change society when needed, which is good for happiness.

Civil Society

Denmark is one of the countries with the greatest levels of social cohesion in the world. One reason is the high degree of participation in voluntary work. Both voluntary work and social relations are important for happiness.

denmark farmhouse


The ability to be able to balance working life and family life are crucial for happiness. The Danes have time for family life and leisure alongside their careers and enjoy high levels of flexibility in the workplace.

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