Discover Chongqing with These Destinations

Check out this historic city!
by | June 21, 2018

The rock carvings in Dazu are a representation of the artistry and creativity of ancient China. These works of art were created during the Tang Dynasty and continued all the way to the Qing Dynasty. You’ll see hundreds of statues, epigraphs and Chinese characters on the walls and inside small caves. The two most popular sites are Baodingshan and Beishan.

Entrance Fee: CNY 135 for Baodingshan and CNY 170 for a combo ticket that includes Beishan in high season (March 1 to November 30) and CNY 110 for Baodingshan and CNY 120 for a combo ticket that includes Beishan in low season (December 1 to February 28/29)


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