The Amazon: A Drone Tour

Take a quick break and peak into one of the most exotic destinations in the world.
by | March 04, 2017


Ah, the Amazon River.

Some say it’s the greatest river in the world, and to some extent it could be.

It’s more than 4,000 miles long — a distance equivalent to a straight-line journey from New York City to Rome. There’s no telling where the Amazon actually begins and where it ends, making it a close match to the Nile for longest river.

It’s not as easy to access as most of the natural wonders in the world. But it’s worth the challenge for anyone willing to go on an adventure of their lifetime exploring the unknown aboard handcrafted balsa rafts and dugout canoes.

The Amazon River is also home to various unusual and exotic species. Some will mesmerize you, others will terrify you. One thing’s for sure — they’re an amazing sight to see. From giant catfish and pink dolphins to river otters and piranhas, you’ll see things that feel like they just jumped off your imagination.

This intricate water system weaves through the Amazon Jungle, which represents around half of the remaining rain forests and holds a third of all the known species in the world. It’s often called “the lungs of the Earth,” but all the beauty and mystery that this vast ecosystem exudes will take your breath away.

Witness this natural wonder from a bird’s eye view in the video above.


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