Travel Apps You Should Never Leave Home Without

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by | May 06, 2015

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Girls and boys, meet mobile travel companions that will make your foreign land navigation easier. Below are apps that you should consider downloading before going on your adventure (or business trip), apps that can help you save you both time and money.



Available for $4.99 on iOS, Android, Windows

FlightTrack contains comprehensive information on international flights all over the world. It brings services like 24/7 air travel details, push notifications and flight updates—even gate numbers—to you. And if your flight gets cancelled, it can find alternate flights for you.

Download this with your loved ones—you can share your flight status by via email, iMessage, Facebook and Twitter.


JetLag Genie

Available for $2.99 on iOS

Traversing different timezones is no mean feat. There’s still no cure for jet lag, but there are plenty of ways to minimize its effects. The JetLag Genie app provides steps on how to make your trip go smoothly.

Jetlag requires pre and post-trip efforts. This app will walk you through all the steps—you simply need to provide your flight info and sleeping pattern, and it will tell you what to do at certain periods of the day (ie. when to sleep, when to (sometimes force) yourself to wake up, when to take a nap, and when to take natural sleep medication like melatonin, and so on.



Available for free on iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, Nokia, Windows Phone

Arguably one of the best user-generated travel sites, TripAdvisor remains one of the best sources to do bookings, find reviews and general trip-planning. Calling themselves “the world’s biggest travel site,” this app has reached over 200 million reviews of attractions, restaurants, accommodations. This should be your go-to app if you need honest feedback from fellow travelers.



Available for free on iOS, Android, Kobo, and web browsers

Go paperless and organize all your travel research material with this one. Pocket will organize all written material in one place. This is excellent for those who don’t have data access when traveling overseas. One simply needs to save an article or video from a browser—Pocket will automatically save it on your device and access it offline.


Time Out City Guides

Most travelers would go for travel sites like Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and WikiTravel for guides (which are all excellent and useful), but there is one platform that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. Each Time Out city guide has a comprehensive list of things that you can do, from the famous restaurants to hole-in-the wall bars, from independent film releases to the most important cultural events. Not all cities in the world are covered (at least not yet), so if the city you’re looking for doesn’t have an app yet, you can check the more comprehensive Time Out website.


What are your favorite travel apps? Share them in the comments!

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