Travel by Cuisine: Experiencing Europe through Food Tours

Because there's no better way to travel.
by | September 13, 2017

Food has always been a distinctive part of the Filipino identity. We simply love to eat! The dining table isn’t just a place where we can taste our country’s innumerable cuisines, it’s also the place where the family bonds the most. Food and eating aren’t mere necessities for living — they are conduits for our culture.

And in the same way that others can learn a lot about our cultures from our food, so can we learn about others from their cuisines. This is something I learned keenly during the days I spent in Europe! I joined a lot of food tours, and here are some of the memorable things I brought back.

Devour Madrid. Sometimes I also wonder whether the Filipino love for “pulutan” and “kutkutin” came from our long-time colonizers. During this tour, I tasted some of the best tapas (gourmet-style appetizers) the country has to offer, in some of the best taverns that tourists usually don’t see. I also saw so many cultural parallels between our countries, including our love for delectable ham! When you join this tour, watch out for the garlic shrimps and mushrooms — these are the best!

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