This Group will Take You to Random Road Trips around the Philippines

Are you game?
by | May 14, 2016


When you’re itching for an adventure but don’t have enough time to plan with just a bit to spend, where can you possibly go?

You go online, to

Experience Philippines is a travel website that pioneered touring people around on random road trips. They won’t take you on planned trips to a known place. They will only tell you how much, what to bring, and give you a brief intro to what you can ~possibly~ do. You only find out where you’re going when you hit the road. Surprise, surprise.

They’re made up of a team of individuals who love to travel and their mission is to travel differently—thus, the service.

When you go on the site, they ask you three question: the type of trip (Random, Romantic, Quick Getaway), your dates, and max budget. Trips will cost from PHP1,000 to PHP12,000, and take from one to nine days, and are open only to small groups of people.

Experience Philippines2

What’s more is that provides unique and enticing adventures in places not regularly visited by tourists—places not a lot have photographed, posted or blogged about. They do themed tours, too, like the haunted house tour over Halloween. Their set tours also include singles-only trips, and ‘random OUTings’ for the LGBT community.

Unplanned trips are likely to have less expectations, making room for more excitement and fun. What are you up to next weekend?

Pi Palaganas-Orillosa is a mom and a Naga City-based technical specialist. She's an avid DIY-er, supporter of all things local, and co-owner of Mad Machine Project, a clothing line she built with her husband.

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