Markets around the World that Will Make Foodies Salivate

Did anyone say food trip?
by | March 31, 2016

There are travelers who explore the world for museums, monuments and sceneries.  Then there’s a special kind of traveler—the type that goes to the farthest of places in the name of good food. The modern term for that is foodie. In their eyes, a new destination equates to a new culinary scene, a pool of possibilities for gustatory delights.

Does that ring a bell? Show the foodie in your life these food markets, but get some tissue and food ready. Drool and cravings are highly likely after looking at four of the world’s most mouthwatering markets.

Toronto, Canada: St. Lawrence Market

92-95 Front Street East, Toronto, Canada | (416) 392-7219 | Website

How would you like to eat at the world’s best food market? Stop contemplating because your grumbling belly already answered for you. St. Lawrence Market beat out other famous food centers, like La Boqueria and Tsukiji Fish Market, in National Geographic’s list of the world’s best food markets.

Canada’s culinary gem has been opened as a food market since 1904. The fantastic collection of 120 merchants stands on historic grounds—originally the city hall of Toronto (known as City of York back then). Hundreds of years have passed, yet the same passion, pride and care resounds in its gastronomical halls.

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Obviously, you can’t miss out on legit Canadian maple syrup for pasalubong. And while you’re there, indulge on Carousel Bakery’s Canadian Bacon Sandwich. Try Toronto locals’ favorite sandwich as well—Mustachio’s Italian Veal and Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich. True foodies can also sign up for cooking classes.

Santiago, Chile: Mercado Central

CNR 21 de Mayo & San Pablo, Santiago, Chile | Website

Mercado Central is the go-to place in Chile for seafood cravings and hangover meals. It has been since 1872, definitely lasting the test of time. It’s brimming with Santiago’s freshest catch, which is why the city’s best seafood restaurants source their ingredients here. Expect nothing less from the touristy restaurants and low-key stalls inside Mercado Central. The market features about 30 seafood restaurants, so your belly will surely be accommodated.

Caldillo de Congrio is a must-order for its hangover-curing properties. It’s a tomato and potato based fish stew that’s also known as Pablo Neruda’s favorite. No Mercado Central visit is complete without sampling the local seafood. Try the Locos or Chilean abalone, the Pastel de Jaiba or crab pie, and most especially the Curanto Stew or the traditional Chilean seafood stew for feasts.

Enjoy a variety of Chilean seafood dishes as you admire Mercado Central’s neoclassical architecture. From its high walls to its decorative statues, the market is predominantly made of impressive wrought iron. 

Nice, France: Cours Saleya

Cours Saleya, Nice, France

Beautiful flowers, quirky souvenirs, and fresh produce collide at the pastel-colored streets of Cours Saleya. This pretty market is just steps away from the coast, so grab your snacks for a picnic at the beach. While you’re at it, Cours Saleya is also the perfect place to buy pasalubong. The market is wealthy with unique finds, from handmade soaps to vintage gems.

But for your very own beach picnic, buy artisanal macarons, bread, cheese, jam and all sorts of delicious French staples. Staying true to Niçois cooking, Cours Saleya also features indelicate animal parts. Are you game for lambs’ testicles or pigs’ ears? Make your visit to the South of France even more memorable with these peculiar eats.

If your DIY feast fails, Cours Saleya is sandwiched between strips of great restaurants and bars.  You can’t go wrong with Delit Delice, Restaurant Les Garcons and L Heteroclite.

London, England: Borough Market

8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL, United Kingdom | +44 20 7407 1002 | Website

The Borough Market is London’s oldest, most iconic food market. If it isn’t yet, it should definitely be in your bucket list of places to try. It’s been a food haven for more than 250 years. And up to this day, it remains to be bustling with interactions of passionate vendors and thrilled consumers. Look forward to sampling the cornucopia of premium grub from all over the UK and beyond.

Before anything else, get yourself wired with Monmouth Coffee Shop’s famous brews. After your caffeine fix, then you can properly explore the market’s sprawling, food-ladened grounds. If you’re looking for great quality baked goods, search for Bread Ahead. Be on the lookout for cheese and olive sticks deliciously stacked up like Jenga blocks. Pair your bread with the wide selection of fine English cheeses and European cured meats. Brindisa’s chorizo roll is also a must-try. These are just a fraction of the mouthwatering dishes awaiting your ravenous appetite.

Drooling yet? Which market is your belly yearning for the most? Sound off below!

Shen Mascariñas travels mainly for the unique food each destination offers and for the "I'm on vacation" free pass to pig out.

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