5 Awesome Food Trip Destinations in Mindanao

Here are our top picks for a gastronomic tour of the southernmost region.
by | June 28, 2017

The most popular food products associated with Davao are durian, pomelo, Malagos Chocolates, and seafood. These days, a trip to Davao isn’t complete without stopping by Blugre, a homegrown coffee spot for what has become a Davao must-try: Durian Coffee. If that’s not enough for you, you can pair your drink with a slice of Durian Cheesecake. Another popular local restaurant is Marina Tuna, which is famous for preparing tuna dishes in various ways. Another homegrown restaurant putting a modern twist on local cuisine is Bistro Selera, which serves dishes like Suha Salad, Bagaybay (tuna gonad), Seafood Durian Curry and Mangosteen Ice Cream and Biko to name a  few.

General Santos City

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