4 Games That Will Make Your Road Trips More Fun

Say bye to boredom!
by | March 22, 2016

You’ve finally got your vacation leaves approved and you’re excited to go on that road trip with your crew! However, before you fantasize about the wind blowing in your hair and posting about long & Instagrammable, winding roads, you just know it’ll take a while before you get there—and there will be much boredom and anxiety before you get to your actual destination.

You’ve played all the usual car games and have driven each other crazy from all the “are we there yet” questions. Fret not! Here are some road trip games to try and make the hours go fast and fun and will keep all of you laughing the whole time. Just don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road.



Players: Two or More

Best if: Traffic’s pretty bad. You can even change this to spot the Fortuner.

Rules: The object of the game is to spot a Volkswagen beetle while on the road. When a beetle is spotted, one just simply shouts “slug bug” and proceeds to punch the player of his choice—in the arm.

1’s and 0’s


Players: Two or More

Best if: You nerds love numbers. Or if at least one of you does.

Rules: The object of the game is to find as many plate numbers with a 1 or 0 in it. Tally the scores and see who finds the most. P.S—it’s not as easy as you think.



Players: Two or More (Excluding driver)

Best if: You’re going to pass through a lot of tunnels.

Rules: Every time the car passes through a tunnel, players must hold their breath until the car gets out of the tunnel or until they can’t hold their breath anymore. You can pool bets, winner takes all—loser might die (somebody better know CPR!). The driver must not join this game for obvious reasons.



Players: Two or More

Best if: You’re pop culture vultures. And these days, who isn’t?

Rules: This one’s a guessing game about famous people—it’s like charades. One person or a team thinks of a celebrity, reveals their initials, and then proceeds to answer yes or no to questions that will allow the other players to guess the identity.

The game takes its name from the famous person having to be at least as famous as Sandro Botticelli—an Italian painter of the early renaissance. He is the answer to the archetypal question of the game “Did you paint the Birth of Venus?”

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