PSA: You Can Now Visit Japan’s Famous Ghibli Museum (For FREE) Through This Virtual Tour

Now's your chance to take a sneak peek into the famous museum!
by | May 05, 2020

For die-hard Ghibli fans (or even casual viewers who mildly enjoy the museum), visiting the Ghibli Museum is a must-do when sightseeing in Japan. But tickets to the museum are so in-demand that you typically have to book your tickets months in advance. And because photography isn’t allowed in most of its premises, people who haven’t visited the museum know very little about what’s inside.

This all changed recently when the museum launched a brand new YouTube channel. The Ghibli Museum is temporarily closed in light of the pandemic, so staff have shared short and sweet videos of the museum’s interiors, complete with soothing guitar music for that nostalgic Ghibli feel.

So far, the channel has three videos, but it looks like they’re uploading content every week. Here’s hoping we get more, but click the subscribe button just to be sure that you don’t miss anything.

(Featured image: Lucius Wok/Flickr)


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