My Aching Head: Around the World in Hangover Cures

Important. Especially for the holidays.
by | December 18, 2015

“Work hard, party hard,” as the saying goes. There’s also a Filipino saying, “nasa huli ang pagsisi.” Because surprise, you’re hungover. Sure, you can party like a rockstar but regret all those tequila shots the next morning when it feels like a jackhammer is pounding a hole through your skull. Still, you had a fun night so…yay?

Though scientists say that the cure to a hangover is simply by drinking less, the rest of the world still has their own ways of curing that aching head of yours. All of them involving food.

So sit back and read up on different hangover cures from different parts of the world. Who knows, you might find something that can bring you to life and inject some vigor in you. Just don’t forget to hydrate.

Japan: Umeboshi


Umeboshi is basically a pickled plum. They are considered a cure-all in Japan. Besides helping cure a hangover, they’re also believed to relieve symptoms of fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and more.

Turkey: Islak Burger


Meaning “wet burger”, islak is one of Turkey’s most beloved street foods. First, the meat patty is cooked with milk, garlic, and mint. The whole burger is then doused with an oily tomato-based sauce which is then incubated which keeps the burger warm and drenched in its own garlic-y fumes.

Denmark: Reparationsbajer


Reparationsbajer roughly translates to “repair beer.” So basically, the Danish drink more beer to fix their hangover. We need some of this beer in the Philippines.

Peru: Leche De Tigre


Otherwise known as Tiger’s Milk, think of Leche De Tigre as a Peruvian ceviche that can become your best friend when that hangover strikes. Its name comes from its color and its alleged invigorating properties. The milk contains lime juice, coriander, chillies, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and fish scrape or scraps. It’s also known as an aphrodisiac so use this remedy sparingly, unless you want a really awkward morning with your loved ones.

South Korea: Haejangguk



Haejangguk means “soup to get sober” or “soup to chase a hangover.” It typically consists of dried Napa cabbage, vegetables and meat in a hearty beef broth. Different regions in South Korea have also created their own versions of Haejangguk with ingredients ranging from coagulated ox blood, oysters, bean sprouts and more. You know a country parties hard when they create a stew specially made for hangovers.

Mexico: Menudo


Nope, not that Menudo. This one:


Menudo, also known as pancita, is a rich, hearty soup with beef tripe cooked in a broth with a red chili pepper base. Besides being a hangover cure, menudo is also prepared for special gatherings in Mexico such as weddings receptions. If it’s good enough for Mexicans pounding back their cervezas and tequila from the night before, menudo might be more than enough to bring you back to life. Pair it with a corn tortilla and you’re all set.

Canada: Poutine


Considered one of Canada’s national dishes, poutine is made with French fries bathed with a light and thin brown gravy and cheese curds. It’s fatty and greasy and can help absorb the alcohol in your system. There are also many variations for poutine for your mood with toppings such as pulled pork, chicken, foie gras, and more. Perfect for the different kinds of hangovers you’re going to have in your life.

Sicily, Italy: Dried bull penis


“Is that a dried bull penis or are you just happy to see me?” Dried bull penis is known to be high in protein and vitamins and is eaten on its own, like a stick of beef jerky if you will. Chinese athletes even requested them during the 2008 Beijing Olympics for their revitalizing properties.

Just a thought, how was dried bull penis as a delicacy and its healing properties discovered? Did some guy just decide on eating on some bull schlong for a day and instantly felt energized? We’ll never know.

Mongolia: Pickled sheep eyeball


For a hard night of drinking in Mongolia, locals go for a pickled sheep eyeball in tomato juice. Tomatoes are known to have many vitamins and minerals, which could help Mongolians deal with their morning headaches. The sheep eyeball’s purpose? No one really knows.

United Kingdom: Bacon sandwich


You either like bacon and you’re wrong. The Brits know what’s up. Besides giving us the gift of the English Breakfast, their hangover cure is a bacon sandwich. Researchers at the University of Newcastle say that bacon is high in amino acids which can help clear your head the morning after a night of partying hard.

Poland: Pickle juice


In Poland, people prefer to chug pickle juice to cure their hangovers. Since it contains water, sodium and vinegar, pickle juice helps you rehydrate while also rebuilding the electrolytes you lost from all the drinking.


How about you? What’s your preferred cure of choice after a night of partying? Hydrate and let us know in the comments section!

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