Hanoi: A Drone Tour

Vietnam in its most exhilarating form.
by | June 17, 2017

Striking more appeal than any other city in the country, Hanoi is where you get to experience Vietnam in its most exhilarating form.

The moment you step out into its vibrant streets, the sights and sounds will overwhelm you. The city is always bustling with merchants trying to sell to you their wares or with tourists flocking to the nearest shopping mall and designer boutique for luxury finds. Streets are filled with locals and foreigners alike going about their day either on foot or aboard a motorbike. There are museums and galleries to enrich your mind, and there are temples, pagodas and walled gardens to put your mind at peace. And even as the city is also getting its touch of modernity, it still maintains its old-city charm through Hanoi Old Quarter and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long.

But there is much to be discovered beyond the city walls. Hanoi also serves as a gateway to a number of Vietnam’s natural wonders. Among these are the ethereal Ha Long Bay and its towering karst cliffs and still emerald waters; the hill tribes and rice terraces of Sa Pa; the country’s most ancient citadel, Co Loa; and the famed craft villages to be found at Hanoi’s lifeline, the Red River Delta.

Because Hanoi is so compact, you’ll be able to see all there is to see and experience all you’d need to in just a few days. But we guarantee that you’d want to stay far longer than needed. Such is why most would fearlessly claim Hanoi to be one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Why not view the city at bird’s eye view to see for yourself what makes Hanoi such a beguiling place?

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