8 Locations to Include in Your Hong Kong Photo Walk

Every corner of the city surprises with unique urban scenes, bursts of color, and fascinating geometric patterns you won’t find anywhere else.
by | February 19, 2018

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Breaking away from the trend of breathtaking symmetry, hypnotizing patterns, and refined geometry of the places on this list is Mongkok. Awash with shops, restaurants, and kiosks selling a plethora of goods, this ever-bustling district in the heart of Kowloon shows you scenes of Hong Kong just like how you imagined it.

In the morning, check out the Flower Market for pictures of exotic blooms native to Hong Kong, or the Bird Garden on Yuen Po Street, where you will find vendors feeding songbirds housed in elaborate cages with caterpillars and grasshoppers using chopsticks.

As night falls over Mongkok, it gets busier. Adjust your camera’s exposure settings to precisely capture the glow of the neon signs littered across the maze of streets as well as the brightly illuminated shops in the district.

What are your favorite spots to photograph in HK? Tell us in the comments!

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