Pinoy Travel: How to Get a Canadian Visitor Visa

Who said applying for a visa needs to be so difficult?
by | August 16, 2016

Canada is known best for the natural beauty of its stunning vistas. Most of its vastness is  made up of  landscapes like rain forests and glaciers, to lakes and beaches, and each one provides fun activities to do. But Canada doesn’t only possess great outdoors; it’s clean, safe and multicultural cities are also worth admiring.

It’s for those reasons that Canada is consistently lauded for being one of the most livable countries  in the world. So, if you’re planning on a rest-and-relaxation type of vacation abroad, you should definitely book a ticket here.

Here’s a friendly guide on getting a tourist visa to  the Great White North.


There are different types of temporary Canadian visas that can be issued to foreigners. But if you’re not sure whether you’ll need one or not, head to this page. Generally, Filipinos aren’t visa-exempt, so you can go ahead and determine which one you’ll need for your trip. For this guide, we’ll focus on getting a visitor visa.

Applying Online

The only requirements needed for online application are: access to a scanner or a camera and a valid credit card for payment of fees. The first step is to find out your eligibility. Just answer the series of questions and don’t worry if you make a mistake; you’ll be able to review your answers at the end of the survey. After this, you’ll be given a personal checklist of forms you’ll need to gather and submit with your application. Supporting documents must be scanned or have  clear photos . Remember to take note of your reference code (which looks like this: QK4350881372).

The next step is to register for a GC key. After getting this, you can enroll for a MyCIC account where you’ll upload your documents and monitor your application progress. Once you’ve enrolled, you can apply for a Visitor Visa using the reference code given to you. Make sure that all your forms and documents are uploaded in pdf or .doc format. When you’re ready to go, pay your fee (CAD$100) and submit your application.

Waiting Time

Constantly monitor your MyCIC status and your email. Once your visa has been approved, the Canadian Embassy will request your passport to be sent to the closest visa application center (CVAC). All that’s left to do is to wait until you receive your passport and visa, and you’re done!

The Alternative

Applying online is the easiest method to obtaining a Canadian visa, but if you can’t meet the online requirements, you can submit your application in-person or through  mail. Read the comprehensive instructions and accomplish these forms. Pay your fees and the added service charge at the CVAC, alongside the submission of your application.


  • Show evidence that you’ve traveled to other countries by including photos of your other visas or entry/exit passport stamps. This lowers suspicion from the approving body of your application.
  • Put more than enough funds in your bank account to prove your financial capability. At least CAD100 for every day of your trip should suffice.
  • Submit proof that you’re not planning to stay longer than intended through supporting documents, such as an authorization letter from your employer.

Got any more tips to getting a Canadian visa?

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