4 Travel Videos That Will Move You To Tears

Hold on to your passport!
by | September 28, 2015

Rather than sitting on your office chair all day, you should be exploring Turkey, Puglia, Morocco and Basicalata! Here are four impeccable videos by Leonardo Dalessandri that will convince you.

Be forewarned, though: after watching each one, tears are highly probable for those without available leaves for visiting these destinations soon.

Experience the passionate whirlwind that is Turkey through this video. In just an impressive three minutes, see six cities from Turkey’s north to south come alive. You’ll be at awe not only with Turkey’s world-renowned hot air balloons, but also with its vibrancy and its unique character. You’ll want to be part of Turkey’s whirlwind for a few days, if not for a lifetime.


This one will urge you to buy a plane ticket to Italy and drive down south to Pulgia. You’ll want nothing more than to spend your next holiday kicking it back in Pulgia’s spectacular beach and feeling Italian waters while devouring the coast’s cucina povera (peasant cooking).

Here’s a look at spirited Morocco, which will make you feel like you’re the one interacting with its people yourself. This video strays away from usual tourist sights to produce a beautifully realistic take.

Take a peek at Southern Italy’s Basicalata, also known as its historic name Lucania. You’ll feel like you’re watching someone’s haunting dream with the subject of Lucania’s preserved traditions, landscapes and architecture.

There, there now, don’t cry. There’s no need to be a spectator forever. Start saving up for a trip to one of these breathtaking destinations!


Shen Mascariñas travels mainly for the unique food each destination offers and for the "I'm on vacation" free pass to pig out.

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