The WindowSeat Guide to Long Weekends of 2015

Get planning!
by | May 18, 2015

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“Long weekend” are two beautiful words that light up even the darkest overtime nights (or Mondays). These, however, only come by a few times every year, so the travel-hungry need to make the most out of them.

Here’s a list of long weekends of 2015 and some suggestions of places that you can visit. There are no holidays in July, September and October, so you can use these months for intense hustling and leave-building.

This is not just for people with 9-5 jobs gathering up leaves for a trip—this is for everyone who are looking for quick vacations in and out of Manila. It’s only May, which means you’ll still have time to file those precious VLs. Plan wisely, and make sure you keep an eye on both local and international promos.

Make this reminder your desktop/phone background, or print it out and stick it on your mirror, or have it printed on a shirt—whatever works for you.

June 12 (Friday-Independence day) to June 14 (Sunday)

Trip suggestion: Baler, which is only six hours away (by land) from Manila.


August 21 (Friday, Ninoy Aquino Day, a special non-working day) to August 23 (Sunday); and
August 29 to August 31 (Monday, National Heroes Day)

Trip suggestions: for the August 21 long weekend, you can do a few days in Kalibo—maybe Boracay and Bakhawan, or Bicol (Bagasbas).

If you can do a longer trip, how about a Southeast Asian destination? Here are stories on Thailand (Phuket and Pai), or Vietnam (Hanoi) for inspiration.

November 28 (Saturday) to November 30 (Monday, Bonifacio Day)

Trip Suggestions: A three-day stay in Coron or Siquijor. These may require some pre-planning, because you’ll have to book a flight.

December 24 (Thursday, a special non-working day) and December 25 (Friday, Christmas day, a regular holiday) to December 27 (Sunday).
December 30 (Wednesday, Rizal Day, a regular holiday), December 31 (Thursday, a special non-working day), and January 1 (Friday, a regular holiday) to January 3 (Sunday).

Trip suggestions: Because this will be a very long weekend (most of you are already probably looking into doing extended leaves), you can find a country that’s good for family trips. Singapore or Japan, maybe?



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