Movies that Will Inspire You to Go on a Road Trip to Anywhere

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by | May 11, 2017

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Movies have their way of inspiring us to do things we’ve always dreamed of doing or that never crossed our minds to do. Travel movies most especially fill us with the desire to hit the road and go wherever our hearts take us, no matter how obscure the place, just because they portrayed the trip in such a beautiful way.

Here are such movies that will give you that wanderlust.

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The Fundamentals of Caring

Drama-comedy The Fundamentals of Caring takes you on a scenic road-trip to different odd roadside attractions around the USA in Trevor (Craig Roberts), a teen with muscular dystrophy, and his caregiver’s (Paul Rudd) pursuit of something much greater than what can be sought out aboard a minivan. You’ll definitely want to go on a spontaneous soul-searching road trip with your friends after watching this movie.


Burn Burn Burn

Feel like going sightseeing across United Kingdom? In this road trip comedy, best friends Seph (Laura Carmichael) and Alex (Chloe Perrie) visit locations across Britain to scatter the ashes of their deceased friend Dan (Jack Farthing) upon his posthumous request. It may be a bit dark, but it makes us think: if I were to have my own ashes scattered around places that matter most to me, where would they be?


The Bucket List

When two terminally ill seniors (Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman) bust out of a cancer ward to experience life to the fullest, we are filled with a sense of inexplicable joy for them because they get to see the wonders of the world before they leave it. If there’s anything this film teaches us, it’s that we shouldn’t wait until we’re old and about to kick the bucket to make the most out of our lives.


One Week

Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), an Elementary School teacher who had just been diagnosed with cancer, sets out instead on his motorbike across Canada, from the city of Toronto to British Colombia’s Tofino, in search for the true meaning of life. It’s a classic YOLO type of film but it’s one that urges us to go on a solo trip to reflect on our own lives and relationships as well.

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