New Year’s Resolutions for Anyone Who Loves to Travel

Change the way you travel for the better.
by | January 01, 2020

Yep. It’s that time of the year again—time to make a list of resolutions to make yourself a better person in the coming year.

You may have already put a lot of thought into the travel goals you wish to achieve over the course of 12 months and how you could make them happen. Perhaps, you’ve also sworn to get back in shape for Insta-perfect beach pics or made a pact with your barkada to finally make that Southeast Asian backpacking trip push through. To each their own.

But if you haven’t paid any mind to how to improve yourself in the coming year yet, then we’ve got some suggestions for you. Read up for eight travel resolutions that will (hopefully!) make you a better and happier traveler.


Be an eco-conscious adventurer

As more people start to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s high time for you to be extra-watchful of your impact on the environment while traveling to reduce your carbon footprint. Avoiding single-use plastics, purchasing locally-grown or locally-made goods, and saying no to souvenirs that make use of animals—especially exotic and endangered species—are just some of the simple green practices you can do to travel responsibly.


Invest in quality luggage

Buying cheap luggage may seemingly be easier on your wallet for now, but in the long run, it wouldn’t be. Substandard luggage can cause you a lot of issues that are not worth the price you paid and you’ll most likely end up buying another suitcase sooner than you thought. So invest in quality and functional luggage that will keep you company in all your upcoming journeys.


Learn how to properly pack a suitcase

Take some of your free time to browse through online tutorials and watch videos that will help you maximize the space of your suitcase. You might also want to include packing cubes on your wishlist this Christmas—they’re a lifesaver!


Document your trips better

Have you ever gone on a trip and upon reviewing your photos and videos, you realize that they didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to? We feel you. To save yourself from frustration in the future, make an effort to brush up on your documentation skills. You can attend workshops or join local photo walks to improve your technique and develop your own style in the company of fellow photography and videography enthusiasts. Once you’ve mastered the craft, you can even sell your clicks to stock photo providers for some extra cash!


Take on a money challenge

Saving up doesn’t have to be that tedious task you hate but have to do in order to travel. Make things easier, motivating, and a bit more fun by taking on a money challenge. Organized and well-calculated, money challenges are a sure-fire way to feed your fund. And the best bit? Whether you successfully complete the challenge you choose or not, you’ll always end up with some money. (Yay!)


Study a foreign language

Aside from widening your reach in terms of communication, learning a new language gives you a higher appreciation for a country’s culture and history and even opens doors for you to pursue employment or educational opportunities abroad! If you’re ready to take the jump, there are a number of language schools in the metro that can help you achieve your dreams of being multilingual.


Secure non-travel funds

By now, you may have come across stories of people who dropped all their money to travel the world. You only live once, they say, and they’re right. But unless you want to be helplessly penniless during circumstances that are uncalled for, it’s only right for you to start growing a fund for non-travel needs while saving up for your trips. You can thank us later.


Find a balance between traveling and spending time with the people you love

Traveling may be your priority right now, but don’t forget that there are people who miss you whenever you’re away. When you’re not on a trip, spend quality time with the people you love, or better yet, embark on an adventure with them for priceless memories that would last you a lifetime.


What are your travel resolutions for the year?


Andy Flores is a pathological penny pincher with impulse shopping and binge-eating tendencies. She’s constantly saving up for new adventures, so she dabbles in writing jobs here and there. Her not-so-secret dream is to be an extra in a big Bollywood movie.

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