January 2020

Nothing but love for local sights!

Moscow isn't exactly the cheapest city in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it on a tight budget.

Finding a Starbucks Coffee store wherever you travel abroad is a form of comfort. It’s as if you aren’t away from home because you can always order your usual morning or afternoon brew and you’re right back in your country. But not all Starbucks stores will make you feel at home. Some Starbucks stores around the world will make you feel in awe of their amazing designs that promote local culture and love for all things coffee. Some Starbucks stores are so beautiful they even offer tours in coffee plantations and lessons on the journey of coffee seedlings to your cup. Just take a look at these cool Starbucks stores around the world. Who knows? Maybe you can add them to your itinerary one day.

Make your cherry blossom dreams come true!

Let's go shopping!

And even beyond!

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There's one in Intramuros!

All aboard!

Nature is truly one with as in celebrating the color of the year. The different shades of blue that come from different bodies of water and the beautiful rich blue color of the sky relaxes our eyes. This week #WindowSeatPH has us in awe with the beautiful shades of blue that nature is showing us.

Conquer the waves!

Are you guilty?

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Pack your bags!

What does 2020 have in store for travel?

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The wax figure will be displayed in Madame Tussauds Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.