Other Airlines Can Learn a Thing or Two from Singapore Airlines

by | August 29, 2018

When the Xiamen Airlines Boeing overshot at the runway of NAIA, passengers already knew that their flights would either get delayed or cancelled. For 4 days people were stuck at the airport, waiting for updates from the airlines themselves on when flights will resume.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded, camping inside the airport with uncertainty. At best, airlines gave constant updates regarding their postponed flights. But one airline did something that proved to be the gold standard from now on on crisis management.

On a Facebook post regarding the incident, Singapore Airlines passenger (and former news anchor) Marvin Tomandao shared his experience with the said airline and how they handled the whole situation. According to him, when the incident happened and their flight got delayed, the airline staff began serving its passengers with unlimited snacks and refreshments.

Passengers were also a given five-star accommodation at the luxurious Four Points by Sheraton, along with a buffet dinner and a limousine taxi service. After an additional delay, passengers were given a $15SG voucher that they can spend on breakfast.

But what made the experience a lot more bearable was how Singapore Airlines and its crew acted towards their passengers. Manager Haziq Sulaiman was giving updates every now and then, accompanied by a sincere apology regarding the delays, “as if the NAIA runway overshoot was his fault.” SQ managers were on-hand all throughout the ordeal, assisting passengers from the hotel to the boarding gate.

When finally cleared, the SQ managers all lined up on the way to the plane and “once again apologized and wished the passengers a pleasant flight.”

For other airlines, a free meal would already suffice. But for Singapore Airlines, they took the extra mile. Free meals and accommodations are just a bonus, but what will really matter and what passengers will appreciate the most is the compassion and empathy towards customers.


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