5 Signs You Need to Move Out of the City

It's time.
by | September 24, 2015


move out of the city

You know that feeling, the joy that pours all over you when you accidentally—or, rather serendipitous-ly—find something you’ve been looking for forever?

This isn’t about that. This is about the opposite of that. This is about the times when you feel like life has just chewed you up and now needs to spit you out. This is about knowing you’ll be better off somewhere else, somewhere more quiet, somewhere you can afford, or just somewhere unfamiliar.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are pretty tangible things that’ll get you packing.

You often wonder how having a savings account would feel like

And you’ve been getting paychecks for almost a decade. Rent is too high, Uber’s taken up most of you credit card limit, booze is too steep, and staying healthy is too aspirational to even think about. You’re living waaaay beyond your means, obviously. But you can’t help but feel that you’re too fabulous for poverty.

You go to a party and bump into more than two exes

Two is fine, actually. It’s mostly about what you feel comfortable with. But, just so you know, five and up is probably far too many—you’re either a slut, or you just need to get to know more people. You’re also most likely seeing the same familiar faces on Tinder, aren’t you?

You palpitate when people talk about work outside the workplace, or just talk about work, period

The word “stress” has become too familiar that you don’t even really know what it means anymore. You hate everyone at work (or they hate you), and you often daydream about being someone’s trailing spouse, taking Instagram photos of pretty food that you made while being bored thinking about what to do as a hobby.

You hate EDSA so much but you’d still rather sleep at work than line up and get pushed around trying to get in the MRT

No. Just no.

You don’t remember the last time you slept like a baby


Instead, you get nightmares, or wake up abruptly, sweaty and close to tears. Deep in your dreamscapes, you know you deserve better, you just don’t know what it is. Now, we hope you do.

Move to the mountainside, or the beach, it doesn’t have to be too far away. Just that you’ll be a local elsewhere. Find a crazy job (that has nothing to do with your degree, but everything to do with your peace of mind) in your new location, or go and work online. It doesn’t have to be forever or for too long. Maybe you just need a drastic change to make things to get better.

Make it happen.

Were you brave enough to move out of the city and away from everyone and everything you know? Share your thoughts and pro tips in the comments to help out those who are still a little scared to take the leap! 

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