The Art of Slow Travel: Why You Should Stop Rushing Through Your Itinerary

Sometimes, we need to change things a bit.
by | May 12, 2023

We live in a world where everyone’s constantly on the go and perpetually busy. So what better way to take a breather than through slow travel?

But what exactly is slow travel? This is about taking your time at a destination rather than speeding through a packed itinerary. It’s like the contrast between eating a meal from a fast-food chain versus savoring a multi-course gourmet feast. If you’re ready to trade in your rushed vacations for a more fulfilling adventure, get ready and explore the world at your own pace.


It rejuvenates you

When you let yourself bask in a city or country’s culture, connect with its people, and take the time to explore your surroundings, you create space to decompress and rejuvenate. Slow travel allows you to let go of the constant need to be productive and just be present at the moment. Whether you’re walking along cobblestone streets or watching the sunset over a sweeping landscape, slow travel reminds you that sometimes the simplest moments are the most meaningful. 


You can avoid crowded tourist spots

Have you ever arrived at a popular tourist destination only to be welcomed by hoards of people and endless lines? By exploring off-the-beaten-path spots, you can avoid jam-packed crowds and experience a more authentic side of your trip. Seek out hidden gems that only the locals know about. Who knows? You might even stumble upon a new favorite spot you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 


It can save you some money

Slow travel isn’t only a soulful and enriching experience. It can be surprisingly budget-friendly, too! You can skip the expensive tourist traps and opt for more affordable yet authentic experiences. After all, what’s the point of jetting off to an exotic destination if you’re too busy stressing about your credit card bill?



You won’t experience travel burnout

Trying to cram a lifetime’s worth of experiences into a week-long vacation or more is a recipe for travel burnout. So, this is the part where detour from the stress of constantly being on the go. Take long leisurely walks, indulge in a spa day, or sit and people-watch at a café. Do whatever you want, but take your time. There’s no deadline here, okay? Before you know it, you probably won’t need a vacation from your vacation because you’ve already experienced everything. 


It makes your trip spontaneous

We get it. Itineraries are great because they keep your trip organized. But traveling without them (or at least without looking at them every second) isn’t bad either. Why? Because a more relaxed and flexible approach to your trip leaves room for spontaneity and unexpected adventures. You’re free to embrace the journey and let it take you where it will! C’mon, who doesn’t love the thrill of the unknown? 


You get to live like a local

Slow travel is the way to go for those who crave an authentic experience. You can shop at local markets, learn the language, and even make friends with the locals. You also gain a deeper understanding of their way of life that no money can buy. When you’re living like a local, you’re not just a tourist — you become part of the community.


It requires less planning

Let’s face it. Some dread the endless hours of planning their vacation itinerary. The good news is that slow travel takes away the pressure to have everything planned out. You can let your destination reveal itself to you instead of worrying about seeing everything you need to see. Of course, some planning is always helpful, but when you’re traveling slowly, you can be more flexible. So make opportunities for serendipity and embrace the slow and steady approach. 


Have you ever tried slow traveling?

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