6 Best Spots for Nature-Tripping in Taipei

Complete your Taipei itinerary with this list.
by | November 02, 2017

Zhuzihu is a charming village situated in a natural basin within the Yangmingshan National Park. A former lake created by surrounding volcanoes, the scenic plain’s unique soil makes it an ideal farming area. Flowers, especially calla lilies, are cultivated here, and festivals are held to celebrate their blossoming. Come between March and July to catch a glimpse of sweeping vistas of the flower fields.

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Where: Next to the Yangmingshan National Park Visitor Center 2nd Parking Lot at Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan, Shilin District, Taipei City

How to get there: Hop on city bus 108 or the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (小9, Beitou Zhuzihu Route) to the Zhuzihu stop.

Shifen Waterfall Park

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