This Company Will Pay You to Take the Road Trip of Your Dreams

Read up to find out how!
by | March 08, 2018

If you have no travel goals yet set in forth for 2018, then it’s time to turn it into the year of adventure by taking the road trip of your dreams — for free!

With rooftop tent brand Tepui’s “Year of Endless Adventure” program, you can take an all-expense paid adventure to anywhere you’d want to, whether it’s exploring the Rockies or driving to remote areas to provide aid.

Ten candidates will be chosen and sponsored by Tepui, each to be provided with USD 2,000 plus Tepui gear.  Applicants who would want to sign up can just answer the form on Tepui’s website, which includes questions about the details of your dream adventure, and then submit a short video pitching your idea.

Once chosen, finalists will need to document their entire trip with photos, videos, and written content. They will also have to produce an edited three to five minute film by the end of their trip. All these will be stitched together into one “Year of Endless Adventure” Movie, featuring the different places, challenges, and activities the finalists experienced, to be shown by the end of 2018.

But don’t worry; Tepui isn’t looking for professionally edited videos. They just want honest and inspiring video diaries of the amazing adventures you took. But the five candidates with the most exciting videos will receive an additional USD 2,000 and VIP tickets to the annual TepuiFest.


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