The Best Travel Documentaries On Netflix

Watch your travel blues away
by | March 18, 2020

Your travel plans may be on hold for the meantime, but don’t let this stop you from planning your next trip!  These travel documentaries on Netflix will inspire you to plan your next getaway. You’ll be able to discover must-see sights, delicious food, and extreme activities that you might just add to your travel bucket list. See the world as you’ve never seen it before through the eyes of these talented documentarists.


Street Food


Many seasoned travelers believe that the best way to experience a culture is by eating street food. This Netflix documentary did just that as it explored the different Asian country’s street foods. Viewers will see how different street food from each country is made, as well as hear the poignant life stories of the people who made them. Dive in the world of culture and food with this documentary that is sure to make you crave for street food.


Pedal The World

Follow a man’s quest to go around the world on his bike! Felix Starck is a young man who traveled 18,000 kilometers and visited 22 countries in 365 days. Viewers will get to see different parts of the world through a biker’s eyes, and the documentary also explores the highlights as well as the downsides of traveling across the world on your own.


Taco Chronicles

If you’re curious about the history of tacos, this documentary is for you! Get a glimpse of how the mouth-watering dish was made, as well as the different ways you can eat it. You’ll also be able to hear different experts give their take on the famous Mexican street food.


Jack White: Travels With My Father

British comedian Jack Whitehall takes his father to an adventure of a lifetime where they immerse themselves in the different cultures of the world. Viewers will get to see the father-son duo bond in the different places they discover as well as feast on the different dishes each country has to offer.


Chef’s Table

This documentary features different professional chefs from around the world. It’s not just about food and the culinary industry, but also about unique cultures around the world that we may have had little to no idea about.


Tokyo Idols

This documentary shines a light on the Japanese idol industry — not just the shiny, happy facade we’re accustomed to seeing, but the bad and ugly as well. Viewers will see the different ups and downs a Japanese idol goes through in order to stay in the spotlight. An eye-opening watch that will change the way you look at the idol industry and Japanese culture.


Losing Sight Of Shore

This documentary is about the Coxless Crew, a group of British women who rowed across the Pacific Ocean, from San Francisco to Australia. The journey took nine months and the women traveled a total of 8,000 miles. Witness the drama, courage, and resilience as they faced setbacks along their very difficult journey, finally emerging triumphant.


Dark Tourist

Join journalist David Farrier as he takes viewers to the phenomenon of dark tourism. Viewers will get a glimpse of dangerous places and activities that tourists are drawn to, as well as mysterious itineraries other dark tourists make to satisfy their craving for unusual adventures.


What other travel documentaries can viewers watch on Netflix? Share them below!


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