This Instagram Page Locates and Rates Public Restroom with Bidets

Hilarious, but also helpful.
by | November 14, 2018

I once saw a post on social media that was about a guy looking for a job. Bouncing from interview to interview, he was told all sorts of benefits: a pantry full of free food, 15th-month bonus, etc. But he only had one question in mind, a question that will ultimately decide whether he accepts the job or not: does their restroom have a bidet?

We relate on so many levels.

If there were an office hierarchy of need, a restroom with a bidet would be at the top tier of priorities. Using tissue will never be enough if you don’t have those important hoses jetting water to clean your nether regions. Whenever we’re someplace new we always, always judge the restroom by their bidets or lack thereof.

Which is why Instagram page May Bidet Ba? immediately gained a follow from us. The idea is simple: help struggling Filipinos by locating restrooms with bidets and rating the experience. The criterion for a stellar restroom according to the account is divided into three: bidet water pressure, cleanliness, and poopability (which is something very self-explanatory).

They also publish photos of restrooms without bidets; of course those get zero stars for water pressure and poopability and you basically stay away from it.

They started posting on November 3, 2018 and as of writing, 11 restrooms around the metro have been rated. We’re sure the entire country would like to help them with the project because frankly, they’re going to need all the help they can get so according to their bio, they’ll be open for submissions soon.

It doesn’t matter if the restroom is located in a 5-star hotel or restaurant, if every corner of the room emits a flowery scent, or if it has a lounge clean looking enough that you can sleep in it, if it doesn’t have a bidet, is it even worth anything?

Help your brothers and sisters out and comment your favorite public restrooms with bidets!

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