Why You Should Consider Private Expeditions vs. Package Tours

Hop on or off?
by | November 27, 2018

Let’s face it, no one likes to be shuttled around like a herd with a bunch of strangers following a guide waving around a flag while sightseeing. Or being packed in a van or boat like sardines and having limited time to enjoy each spot because you have to wait for everyone else. It’s true that packaged tours are cheaper and more convenient, but more often than not, the quality of the travel experience suffers.


For those who prefer solitude and unique travel experiences, picking a private expedition versus a package tour might be the best choice for you.

On a recent Live Onboard Expedition with Kawil Tours around the island of Culion in Palawan, I got a taste of how much better everything is on a Private Tour. Here are just a few reasons to consider it for your next trip.



Kara Santos is a freelance writer and photographer. When not on the road or motorcycling off somewhere for the weekend, she’s leveling up her experience points in the latest PlayStation RPG. Read about her real-life and virtual adventures on her blog Travel Up.


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