This True Crime Podcast Kept Me Company During an Eight-Hour Flight

16-hour flight? Bring it.
by | November 05, 2018

Long haul flights aren’t for everyone; sitting down while doing nothing can take a toll on a person, especially if he doesn’t have any means of entertainment. That’s where I saw myself at, stuck on a plane without anything to do.

Prior to my trip I already planned what to do during my hours-long flight; I downloaded several movies and episodes of my favorite TV show to keep myself entertained throughout the 8-hour ordeal. I also downloaded some podcasts that I needed to catch up on, specifically Serial’s latest season and another true crime podcast that piqued my interest, Dirty John.

During the trip my phone maxed out its memory so inevitably I had to delete a few apps, and one of those apps was Netflix. On to my 8-hour flight back home without any means of entertainment, I remembered that I downloaded a few podcasts. Left without options, I started with episode one of Dirty John without any expectations, but I ended up with a lot of questions.

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