This Week on Instagram: The Most Breathtaking Underwater Photos

Experience the beauty of the sea without leaving your desk/house because FOMO.
by | April 09, 2016

Summer is upon us and with it a serious case of FOMO. If, like the majority of us, you’re stuck indoors on beautiful days such as these, the next best thing to getting out there and enjoying the wonderful weather is living vicariously through social media.

Use the power of imagination and try not to get too jelly (hehe) over these breathtaking (get it?) underwater photos.

Big Island, Hawaii

A photo posted by Devin Hume (@dhfilms) on


A photo posted by Anwesha Mal (@anwesha94) on

The Great Barrier Reef


A photo posted by @nancyzagaphotography on

The Netherlands

A photo posted by DUIKEN (@duiken_magazine) on

Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Blue Heron Bridge, Florida

The Great Barrier Reef

A photo posted by James Garner (@narbuff) on

Honolulu, Hawaii

Ningaloo, Western Australia

A photo posted by Jess Hadden (@jess_hadden) on


From city rat to island child, Alexis Betia has done a full 180 in her search for beautiful places. She’s learned the value of turning left where most people turn right, and of reaping the rewards of saying “YES!” to the universe. Books and beaches are her best friends.

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