Windowseat Tunes: OPM Tracks for Your Solo Travel Playlist

Bring a piece of home wherever you go.
by | September 25, 2016

Traveling alone can get you a little homesick, but with these local tracks on your playlist, you can bring a piece of home with you wherever you go.

“Settled” by The Ransom Collective

Perfect for: encouraging you to stray off the beaten road and discover the wonders that lie in the great outdoors. There really is so much more out there than what you’ve currently settled for; you just have to conquer your fears to find out what they are.

Standout lyrics: Hush now, keep your head down / Move fast, soon they’ll find out / Keep your thoughts together, move fast now or never.

“Wanderlust” by The Camerawalls

Perfect for: when you feel like reminding yourself about why you left in the first place.

Standout lyrics: Oh, wherever you are / I’ll be hanging on dearly and breathe / This wanderlust.

“Building Too” by B.P. Valenzuela

Perfect for: when you want to drown out the noise of vehicles on the road as you stroll leisurely around a strange city.

Standout lyrics: Tired of keeping up with the tempo of your footsteps on the pavement / You’re speeding up / This beating heart is waiting for a time so I can drop a line but I’m sure you will make it.

“This City” by Kai Honasan

Perfect for: when you find yourself in a fleeting romance with someone you met on your travels. You know you probably won’t ever see each other again, but the kilig you felt with being around them will never be forgotten.

Standout lyrics: You taught me a thing or two about a thing for two / I taught you to talk like it was new to you / So now everything I do is so I’ll come back to you / So I can sit and watch this city move, this city move with you.

“Shapeshifter” by Taken by Cars

Perfect for: when you want to wallow in your loneliness. Though traveling alone liberates you from the chains that bind you at home, without a friend to spend your fun-filled adventures with can eventually get lonesome.

Standout lyrics: I can hear your conscience fall apart as I start to feel lonesome / Oh, I can feel the walls start to close in on me.

“St. Petersburg” by Reese Lansangan

Perfect for: when you’re on your way to finding yourself.

Standout lyrics: But don’t be afraid to wander / Try to get back that wonder that you lost and when you’re done I’ll be waiting.

“Saint or Sinner” by Hale

Perfect for: the end of your trip; when you look back at all that you’ve done on your own, and see how your experiences have changed you, for better or worse.

Standout lyrics: Fast forward; I’m moving forward now / Feel like I’m such a better person now / Been through hell but I’m still up somehow.

What local songs are in your solo travel playlist? Share them with us!


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