This Traveling Pug and Cat Duo Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See this Week

They’re too adorable!
by | July 28, 2016

So you’ve probably heard about the movie Eat, Pray, Love and how its main character, Liz Gilbert, dared to step out of her comfort zone to explore foreign countries. But did you know that there are two new rookie explorers who are currently taking the social media world by storm with their travels? Meet Luigi, the Scottish fold cat, and Bandito, the Pug!

The furry friends decided to take on the great outdoors with their human companions, Sebastian and Finn, by hiking Spain’s Camino de Santiago. The famed 484-mile pilgrimage trek includes Spain’s parks like Parc Natural del Garraf near Sitges, Montserrat, and Sierra de las Nieves near Malaga.

“We took a few weeks to get them used to it and set up the tent in our old front room – they genuinely loved it,” Sebastian told MailOnline.

Even with four legs, the hike is still exhausting but the two always get their regular breaks thanks to their pet stroller. Surprisingly, though, Bandito the pug is the one who loves observing everything from the stroller while Luigi the cat is the one who’s much more keen to roam.

“The trolley or tent are ‘safe’ areas, so they always return if something has spooked them,” Sebastian also told The Daily Mail.

Sebastian added, “It is easy if you act like it is their holiday but not if you overestimate your pet’s abilities.”

“We have had to be vigilant at all times. Inner cities are not ideal places, but fortunately we are in the countryside the vast majority [of time]. Because of this we can really enjoy our time together like climbing trees with the cat and running around with the pug.”

While it’s not just about walks and naps on the trail (Sebastian said the two are constantly bugging one another and playing tricks), Bandito and Luigi are inseparable.

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