Guide to a Zika-less Trip to the Rio Olympics

Some of the things you need to remember!
by | July 29, 2016

Don’t let the beauty and charm of Rio dazzle you completely, especially now that Zika has gotten worse. The threat Zika poses continues to haunt the athletes competing in the Olympics, with some even opting out of competition because of the danger.

It’s the same dilemma for those planning to go see the Olympics, and sadly, there’s no vaccine for Zika yet, but those risking actually going to Rio can be sure they’re protected by by following these methods:

Be smart with booking accommodations

The cheaper, the better, but this one’s an exception. Get yourself a decent hotel or hostel, even Canada’s Olympic team has installed screens at their bedroom windows at the Canada Olympics House. Better yet, get an air-conditioned accommodation to forgo opening your room’s window.

Decay room

Dress light and bright

The best way to combat Zika is to prevent its carrier from temptation. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so you can do the opposite: opt for light-colored and bright clothes in pastel, it’s a simple, preventive measure – but it does work.

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Cover your skin

Make sure to pack a lot of long-sleeve shirts and pants. The more covered your skin is, the safer your skin will be. It might kill your style, but this is a small compromise for your continued health and survival among the quick.

Walking woman

A traveling mosquito net

Feeling  safe in your enclosed, swank hotel room?  Don’t. There will always be a way for clever mosquitoes to get in and feast on your blood. Wrap yourself tight as a sushi with a mosquito net just to ensure utmost safety.

Mosquito Net

Invest in  mosquito repellents

A mosquito repellent will be your best friend in Rio, especially in crowded places where mosquitoes most likely find their prey. Only apply the repellent to exposed skin, and for the love of all that’s holy , don’t spray the repellent directly on to your face. Spray it on your palm first, and rub it modestly on your face.

mosquito repellent

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