Traveling to Yogyakarta? Here are the Best Activities to Include in Your Itinerary

There's more to Indonesia than just Jakarta.
by | February 04, 2019

Nowadays, many travelers are planning their next out-of-town trips to the beautiful country of Indonesia. This tropical Southeast Asian region is undoubtedly a booming tourist destination with its rich culture, breathtaking sights, and delectable local cuisine. And if you’re looking for the city that is a melting pot of history, arts, and leisure, Yogyakarta is the place to go.

Located eight hours away (by train) froms Jakarta, Yogyakarta (often called ‘jogja’) is the remaining royal city in the island of Java in Indonesia. It is home to traditional Javanese arts and culture and to get the most out of your stay in Jogja, we’ve rounded up some of the best activities to get a full experience of the Indonesian city:


Marvel at the sunrise in Borobudur


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