Traditions and Celebrations Around the World That Will Make Single People Feel Better (Or Not)

Happy singles awareness day, we guess?
by | February 14, 2018

via Time

There’s nothing retail therapy can’t cure – even the woes of singlehood. In China, 11 November or “Singles Day” has turned into a massive online shopping event when millions of Chinese shoppers would go gaga over discounted items listed on the e-commerce behemoth Alibaba. Last year’s Singles Day set another record in Alibaba’s history, selling over $25 billion worth of products in a single day! The event is not exclusively for single people, though, as the word “single” refers to the digits of the date the event is held (11/11). But, hey, at least you have a large-scale and record-smashing capitalist tradition named after your current relationship status!

4. Throwing Tangerines – Malaysia


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