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Vice Ganda Slams PAL After Nearly Missing Flight Due to Overbooking

Have you experienced being bumped from a flight due to overbooking?
by | October 25, 2023

Airports are busier than ever now that everyone’s trying to put their “revenge travel” plans into action. With the rising number of Filipinos jet-setting to all corners of the globe, it seems too much for our flight systems. Filipinos have been dealing with airport issues all year — from immigration offloading to airport brownouts. Even celebrities aren’t safe from the inconveniences either. On October 24, Vice Ganda expressed her frustration with Philippine Airlines (PAL) on X. Here’s what happened.


An overbooked flight


Vice Ganda, returning from Bangkok to Manila, shared that her flight back home was delayed and that she was offered a different seat than what she paid for.


She originally paid for a Business Class seat, as shared in this tweet:


Even her partner, Ion Perez, refused to board the flight without the assurance that Vice Ganda could ride the aircraft back home.


PAL’s response

Website screenshot

TL;DR: PAL shared a reply to one of Vice Ganda’s tweets clarifying that the flight from Bangkok to Manila was not overbooked, but two seats were unserviceable due to safety concerns. In the end, other passengers agreed to downgrade their seats, and Vice Ganda finally got the initial business class seat she paid for.


Netizens aren’t impressed with PAL’s response

Perhaps we can agree that non-celebs won’t be able to enjoy the same prompt and lengthy response.


One netizen also stated that the local airlines’ response seemed to put the comedian in a bad light just because she shared her unpleasant experience.


Celebrity or not, we all deserve better customer service, especially when passengers aren’t at fault.


It appears there’s miscommunication

Vice Ganda clarified that PAL’s response was different from what she was told by on-ground staff. According to her, she was told that the flight was indeed overbooked.


What is an overbooked flight, and why does it happen?


Overbooked flights aren’t new, and it has been an issue even before the pandemic. According to a report published by Time, overbooking is typically about profit. Airlines overbook flights to make up for empty seats due to circumstances such as no-show passengers and cancellations. As a result, other passengers are denied boarding and would receive an option to be paid instead, whether in travel funds or cash.


What are the rights of the passenger in case of flight overbooking?

If you encounter the same situation as Vice Ganda did with PAL, or any other airline, you have the right to compensation, as stipulated in the Air Passenger Bill of Rights or the Joint DOTC-DTI Admin. Order No. 1. When a flight is overbooked, the airline or air carrier must look for volunteers willing to give up their seats. If the number of volunteers is insufficient, the air carrier shall increase the compensation package until the required number of volunteers is met. This process is called the auction system.


Have you experienced being bumped from an overbooked flight? Share your experience below!



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