Chasing Waterfalls in Iligan City

All majestic, all worth the hike.
by | June 01, 2017

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Iligan isn’t called City of Majestic Falls as a form of exaggeration. It merely states a fact. Situated around its surrounding steep volcanic and mountain cliffs, are a number of stunning waterfalls where endless streams of fresh water give life to the city’s tourism industry and operates as the main electric power source.  A day or two of exploring Iligan can bring you to a number of waterfalls such as the major ones listed below.

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Maria Cristina Falls

When one mentions Maria Cristina Falls, one is instantly reminded of the olden days of Sibika at Kultura in grade school. This makes the opportunity of seeing it up-close more surreal. Its beauty is spellbinding — making it a must for every traveler who wants to tick off all the marvelous natural wonders of the Philippines. Streaming the waters of Agus River, this 321.5-foot cascade also functions as Iligan’s main source of electric power — thanks to the Agus VI Hydroelectic Plant built just beside it.

Tinago Falls

Dive into this expansive basin-like natural pool of dark blue waters from the wide solid rock cliff 240 feet above. It’s called Tinago falls because it’s almost hidden in a deep ravine on one side of the mountain. Visiting this place requires hiking down over 500 steps of a winding concrete staircase towards a setting one could easily associate to the setting of Brooke Shields’ movie The Blue Lagoon.

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Dodiongan Falls

A habal-habal ride to Barangay Bonbonon and a short hike through a rocky and muddy trail will lead you to this 65-foot waterfall. (Fun/ny observation: it looks like a rocker’s long silver hair that’s parted in the middle.) Dondiongan Falls has a natural pool that radiates with the colors of the surrounding forests, it will reward your effort with a soothing and delightful swim.

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Mimbalot Falls

The towering waterfall set in the mountains near Barangay Buru-un is covered with lush greens and jagged rocks. Fortunately for waterfall-chasers, Mimbalot is just a herculean stone’s throw away from the national highway and is also located inside the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park. Don’t miss a chance to ride the zip line so you can glide over the waterfalls and appreciate its beauty from an even better vantage point.

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