The Most Blissful Airbnb Accommodations in Africa

A trip out of your comfort zone doesn't mean sacrificing comfort.
by | September 14, 2015

Countries and cities in Africa have been listed as some of the most underrated or least visited places in the world.

Airbnb, the world’s leading rental service of rooms, lodging and apartments over the internet, has recently planned to vamp up their sales efforts in Africa to make your travel experience even better.

Here are 10 mini-centers of Airbnb #bliss in Africa.

Tunis, Tunisia


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates three, with two beds and breakfast

Amenities: Essential needs, washing machine use and Wi-Fi

Tunisia, situated at the top of Africa and reaching almost the Mediterranean, is where the Western and Eastern cultures meet. With architecture from both Catholic and Arabic influences, Tunis is a great place to spend time in temples, churches and museums to get Instagram-worthy photos of intricate designs and shapes.

Chambre a la medina de Tunis for only PHP1740 per night. Take advantage of your IG skills because this place has gorgeous wallpapers and furniture to keep things extra bright for you.

Entebbe, Uganda


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Specifics: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, accommodates four, with four beds and breakfast, pets (dogs) are allowed

Amenities: Cable TV, washer and dryer use, Wi-Fi, free parking

Visit Uganda with your friends and discover what lurks in the Uganda Wildllife Education Center, where some of the world’s wild monkeys can be seen. You can also go golfing and on track expeditions, as well as visit Lake Victoria (named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain).

You can crash in Secrets Guest House, which is solely dedicated to providing tourists with good and spacious accommodations. It is also 20 minutes away from the airport and are nearby modes of transportation—you’re totally stress free!

Dakar, Senegal


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates two, with bed and breakfast

Amenities: Essential needs, TV, air conditioning, washer use and Wi-Fi

Dakar is also one of the top places you should see in Africa. Here, you can visit the Mosque of Divinity, take a quick boat trip at the Lago Rosa, or see performing dancers and visit the local market at Village des Arts. Be sure to spend wisely!

For your stay, check out Studio Cosy, a flat-like apartment that’s only 15 minutes away from the airport.

Accra, Ghana


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates two, with bed and breakfast, pets are allowed

Amenities: Essential needs, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, free parking, pool

Ghana’s most famous places are at your disposal when you stay in a room with access to your very own private pool for only PHP1871!

While you’re in the area, you can try going to the National Museum of Ghana, the largest and oldest one in the country. Be inspired and also visit the Mausoleum of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president and founding father.

Durban, South Africa



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Specifics: One bedroom, two bathrooms, with bed and breakfast

Amenities: Essential needs, Wi-Fi, washer use, elevator, penthouse view of the beach

Go dolphin viewing, jet-skiing, scuba diving and even shark cage diving at Durban this weekend and catch the good weather you need to clear your mind of stressful things.

What’s even better is that your accommodations have a great front view of the beach for only PHP1960! How great is that?

Casablanca, Morocco


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates two, with bed and breakfast

Amenities: Essential needs, TV, Wi-Fi, heating, washer use, free parking, pool

Marrakech isn’t the only place you need to see in Morocco. Explore the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and discover its history (and secret passages too, if you won’t get caught). You could also shop until you drop at the famous Anfaplace Shopping Center to unwind and treat yourself to something nice.

At the end of the day, spend your night in Green Oasis, one of the most reviewed lodging in Airbnb. The place also has a garden and serves homemade Moroccan pancakes with bread, jams, honey and fresh juice. Yum!

Cape Town, South Africa


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates two, with two beds and breakfast

Amenities: Wi-Fi, cable TV, washer use, air conditioning, heating, free parking

Make your stay in Cape Town count by going to Clifton Beach and swim in its blue-green waters or go to the Boulders Beach if you want to see some African penguins. You can also try surfing, or simply enjoy the sights at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Complete your stay at the fully furnished Kassie Studio for only PHP2495 per night, with no extra charges for extra guests. The apartment is also just minutes away from restaurants, coffee shops and clubs.

Johannesburg, South Africa


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Specifics: One bedroom, one bathroom, accommodates three, with two beds

Amenities: Essential needs, Wi-Fi, cable TV

Top your African travel destination with Johannesburg and take a trip to the Apartheid Museum or go on a safari adventure (but be extra careful!). You could also take a stroll in the many parks and gardens in the area.

Of course, relax in your studio apartment with a mini library and DVD collection. The rooftop is also accessible to commit the amazing views surrounding Johannesburg to memory.

Got tips for accommodations? Post them in the comments section!

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