Would You Give This Local Booze-Flavored Ice Cream A Shot?

Isang round pa nga!
by | September 06, 2018

But a particular beer ice-cream flavor caught our attention with its main ingredient, a local high-alcohol beer everybody knows as Red Horse.

If you’ve ever craved beer and ice cream at the same time, thank these people because your cravings have been answered! Over the summer, Leyte-based Ann Orecul and Lei Ladem shared their ingenious fusion of ice cream and Red Horse Beer they call ‘Sim’s Red Horse Ice Cream.’

REDHORSE ICE CREAM , only in Leyte 🤗👐

Posted by Ann Orecul on Saturday, May 26, 2018

It garnered over 36,000 shares and 13,000 likes to date and had the rest of the country requesting for imports to other cities. You can grab a liter priced at Php 250 to share with your friends, or their smallest serving of 390ml priced at Php 130 if you want to go solo.


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