Would You Give This Local Booze-Flavored Ice Cream A Shot?

Isang round pa nga!
by | September 06, 2018

The ingredients include vanilla ice cream mixed with 20% alcohol from Red Horse Beer, it’s finished with a drizzling of chocolate syrup to balance the mix of flavors. Red Horse Ice Cream isn’t the only liquor-infused cold treat Ann offers, she also sells liquor popsicles for Php 30 each, made to order. The flavors include Tequila Sunrise, Mojito, Screwdriver, and Watermelon Margarita.

Months later, various other beer-flavored ice creams are now available for orders online in Manila. There are versions of Red Horse, Jack Daniels, San Mig Light, and Tanduay Ice, for as low as Php 35 for 3.5oz.

Now brokenhearted girls and boys can strike two birds with one stone with just a tub of Red Horse Ice Cream!

Have you tasted this ice cream? Share your experience with us below!


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