Best of 2016: The Most Popular Travel Activities of the Year

The adventures that defined local travel this year.
by | December 09, 2016

It’s been a great, action-packed year for travel — plenty of us took the leap and challenged ourselves to beyond limitations by trying new things and taking up new hobbies.

Here are the most popular activities that defined local travel this year.

Mountain climbing

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Our Instagram feeds were flooded by photos of people from mountaintops. Mountain climbing is a challenging and soul-cleansing activity, so it’s no doubt that a lot of people, especially millennials, have started to include this on their bucket list.

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For travelers who want to be close to nature but don’t want to rough it out, glamping has been a top-of-mind choice. Glamorous camping or “glamping” has been here for a while, but it’s this year when glamping took over the travel scene in the country.

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This year, more and more people became brave enough to take the skydiving challenge. Because, hell yes! Available in Pampanga and Cebu, skydiving is a scary but definitely unforgettable experience. There are a lot of qualified instructors to guide you every step of the way, so if you haven’t done it yet, I’d say you should consider doing it with your friends.

Water rafting

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The thought of braving strong currents can be very daunting, but that’s the thrill of water rafting. It’s also why it’s one of this year’s most favorite activities. There are many places with water rafting activities in the Philippines from the nearby Laguna or in Cagayan de Oro, and they bring nothing but thrill and excitement.

Airbnb Staycations

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Airbnb has become synonymous with staycation — if only for the boundless amazing offerings the platform has provided us in terms of local accommodations, For the past year, more people are trying this unusual experience of renting a whole property for a night or two. It’s innovative, and can give you a more local, personal feel, wherever you are.

What other travel activities stood out this year? Tell us below!

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