24 Hours in Jakarta

Getting to know Indonesia's capital.
by | August 30, 2019

Spend the rest of the morning learning about Indonesia’s roots. The Jakarta History Museum, also known as the Batavia Museum, is housed in the former city hall building of Batavia, built in 1710 in the classic Dutch renaissance style. This museum showcases objects from the prehistory period of the city region, the founding of Jayakarta in 1527, and the Dutch colonization period from the 16th century until Indonesia’s Independence in 1945.


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Right across the road from the Jakarta History Museum, you can also visit the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. This art space calls the old Dutch Supreme Court of 1870 its home, with evidence of its former magnificence in towering columns, marble floors, and spiral staircases. The galleries here are dedicated to well-known Indonesian artists, with an array of rare, ancient ceramics and porcelain crafts.


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