5 Colorful Destinations Around the Philippines

Appreciate art and culture in these vibrant spots around the country.
by | July 20, 2019

The art scene in Batanes is pretty vibrant, and locals promote their culture through art, literature, and music. One visit to Fundacion Pacita will give you a glimpse of the distinct artwork of the island, as seen in the famous “Dios Mamajes” mosaic mural. Fundacion Pacita was once the home studio of internationally acclaimed artist Pacita Abad, and pays homage to its creative roots with Ivatan-inspired rooms and suites. Each room here is adorned by artworks of both well-known and new-coming artists.



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Another great spot you can visit in Batanes to appreciate art is the Yaru nu Artes Ivatan (Bayanihan of Ivatan Artists), a thriving artist’s collective that showcases the work of visual artists, musicians and literary artists from Batanes.



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