5 Ways To Entertain A Toddler During Long Flights

Could be worth a try.
by | May 17, 2018

  1. A New Toy

Being a mother of a 4-year-old, I have discovered a neat trick. I buy small toys for him and wait until we get to the plane, or the car or the bank; basically anywhere a toddler may find utterly boring; before I give it to him.  Bring surprise toys you can pull out when needed to continue distracting your child that he is confined to a belted seat for the day.  Great examples would be those surprise egg toys, a mini etch-a-sketch or even small toy figures.  Don’t bring it all out at once.  Use it sparingly.  Knowing children, they will be entertained by a new toy for about an hour or two and then slowly get fed up with it, then that’s the time you introduce the next toy as a distraction.


Roanna Jamir was an anchor at CNN Philippines (when it was still Solar News in April 2014), until she left in November 2015. Two months later, prompted to escape the stress and hustle of the news industry she had just quit, she also decided to move her family out of the city and to Boracay Island.  

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