8 Must-See Acts at Fête dela Musique 2016 (and Where to Catch Them)

Get tomorrow’s game plan ready.
by | June 17, 2016

With the year’s most anticipated FREE music festival less than 24 hours away, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of different music stages and the amazing talent that can be found at each one. Now in its 22nd edition, Fête dela Musique continues its tradition of uniting tens of thousands of people through music, and the Metro’s anticipation is palpable. The first weekend is happening tomorrow, June 18, throughout pocket stages in Makati, while the second will take place on the 23rd in Intramuros.

Fret not, we’ve got your back. Here are just 8 of the hundreds of undeniably talented musical acts you should catch tomorrow.

8. Eyedress

Where: Eclectic + Art Stage, Lokal Hostel Rooftop (The Starving Artist)

Eyedress is just one of the acts that will be gracing the Eclectic + Art Stage, along with Like Animals, SNRG, Skint Eastwood, Aeon and the Good Love, similarobjects, WYWY, Teenage, Granny, Aries, The BGNR!, RH Xanders, Ankhten Brown, Katsy Lee, SIXX and Owfuck Gang.


7. The Venus Flytrap Collective

Where: Blues-Soul-Funk Stage, H&J Sports Bar Makati (Mambo Rat)

Catch this amazing collective of artists as they perform alongside the Chillitees, Ian Lofamia Band, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, Pasay Jazz, Lady High, Tukar Sinati, Chocolate Grass, Kosmikskala, Conscious & The Goodness, Plan of Fools, The Espasouls, Mean Jay, Blue Way, Hot Club of Manila and The Five Five Itch.


6. Wilderness

Where: Xperimental / Folk Stage, PINEAPPLE LAB (Sweet Selection x Eica Designs)

Get your groove thing on to artists that take experimental and folk music to a whole other level with Wilderness, Pastilan Dong, Leo & The Tolstoys, Stellar Specter, Dott Seki & Red-I, Joee & I, Spoonman, GHYT, The Cult of Julia Robert, NAFT, I Soar I, Tether Lush Death, and Yvette Billy & Omni Saroca.

5. Fools and Foes

Where: Rock Stage, Green Sun – The Eye (Red Ninja)

Rock out with Philippine music icons like 88 City, Angulo, April Morning Skies, Arcadia, Earthmover, Flying Ipis, Fools and Foes, Intolerant, Lions and Acrobats, Moonwlk, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Nyctinasty, Peryodiko, Plane Divides the Sky, Run Dorothy, Runway Crimes, Skychurch, Square1, Tonight We Sleep, Twisted Halo, Two Hit Combo and We Are Imaginary.


4. Ang Bandang Shirley


Where: Indie Stage, Green Sun – The Axon (NDFY x Vandals on the Wall x DocDef)

Treat yourself to the very best indie acts the country has to offer by heading on down to the Indie Stage to catch Ang Bandang Shirley, Autotelic, BLKD and the Tooters, Cheats, Coeli San Luis, Conscious and the Goodness, Farewell Fair Weather, Jensen and the Flips, Oh, Flamingo!, Reese Lansangan, Serif / Tandems ’91, Skymarines, Sud, The Ransom Collective, TheSunManager, tide/edit, Tom’s Story and MilesExperience.

3. no rome

Where: Bedroom Beats Stage, The Belle & Dragon (Buwan Buwan x Pixel Collective)

Get yourself in the mood for love at the Bedroom Beats Stage, where acts like Akisuda, Alisson Shore, Escuri, Ize, kashwak, mokimcfly, na mo, Paincake Patrol, Pet School, Pillow Talk, Pure Mind Quiet Heart, S E R I E S, similarobjects, Snow Fox Apprentice, sleepersecond, WYWY, no rome, promote violence and スモーク$teady are guaranteed to blow your mind.

2. Gabby Alipe

Where: Acoustic Stage, A Space

Take a load off at the Acoustic Stage and get serenaded by Joey Ayala, Gabby Alipe, Julianne, Reese & Vica, Josh Villena, Clara Benin, Toni B., Flying Ipis, Maya’s Anklet, Lee Grane, Alas Medya, Hans Dimayuga, Zsaris Rice and Lucido Pinopela.

1. Nathan Zanagar

Where: Main Stage, A-Venue Open Parking

Performing alongside BP Valenzuela, RHXanders, Ransom Collective, Coco Jam, Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community feat. Planet Zips & Flow Arts Philippines, Brass Pas Pas Pas as feat. Bituin Escalante and Kat Agarrado, Assembly Generals, Pupil, Gabby Alipe and Tarsius is Nathan Zanagar, a musical wünderkid straight from France.

See you at the show!

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