June 2016

A flight attendant’s job isn’t your typical 9 to 5 routine.

Tick it off your bucket list.

Regaining its seat as the commercial hub of Samar and Leyte, Tacloban becomes the starting point of our six-day backpacking adventure through Northern Leyte.

Because, pocket money.

It's one of the unspoiled beaches in the country.

Want to go somewhere that won't break the bank?

Nothing better than a midyear travel!

Ladies, welcome aboard.

It will save you some embarrassment.

It’s a first in the country.

An art city in the making.

Major feed envy!

The wait is finally over.

Where's your next destination?

Let your sense of wanderlust take over.

Get tomorrow’s game plan ready.

It’s never a bad idea to score a brand new backpack.

Definitely worth blowing your diet over.

Not all cruise lines are created equal.