International Revenge Travel: 8 Things to Do While Lining Up for Immigration

Travelers arrive earlier than usual at the airport these days.
by | March 24, 2023

Now that international borders have reopened and health protocols have eased, we’ve seen the resumption of travel abroad for leisure. Many Pinoys are going on well-deserved revenge travel tips and you might be preparing for yours as well. However, recent immigration fiascos have been popping up, including long lines, making passengers voluntarily arrive hours before their supposed boarding time to avoid delays and missed flights. If you’re traveling soon, here are some fun things to do to help you kill time as you wait for your turn at the immigration gate:


1. Look at your old yearbook

If you know, you know. Here’s to the folk who are finally coloring the barkada trip. While you’re at it, take this as the time to reminisce, cringe at younger photos with awkward smiles and quotes, and realize how far you’ve come. From eating tipid lunches in school to seeing the world together – now that’s an achievement to be proud of!


2. Catch up on your fave shows

Why wait for your flight or be seated at your boarding gate when you can just get started in line? With the long lines, you can probably watch at least two K-drama episodes that are usually an hour each.


3. Get started with the pasalubong list

Aside from getting grilled with questions by the officer, one of the most terrifying things while traveling is realizing the pasalubong you bought isn’t enough for friends and family. While buying pasalubong isn’t really necessary, it might be one of your love languages and it’s a sweet gesture to receive some! Whether it be the usual magnets and trinkets to unique snacks, start making a list of people you want to give them to so you’re sure no one gets left behind.


4. Make a shopping wish list

While we’re talking about shopping, it’s easy to get distracted and buy every quirky and interesting item you see, especially if you’re heading to a destination known for super cheap or bargain prices. Eyes on the prize, traveler! Make a wish list of the items you really want, whether it be luxury goods or souvenirs, so you won’t get distracted and go over budget.


5. Make adjustments to your itinerary


In the age of social media, finding an underrated hidden spot in a new travel destination is made easy with just one click. Sure, you probably already have a lineup of famous destinations and must-visits, but it’s never wrong to make little adjustments to your itinerary. Remember, it’s okay not to tick off everything on your itinerary; make sure to visit hidden gems too!


6. Plan your next trip

When the line for your current trip is so long you already have the time in the world to prepare for the next one. Flights are on sale from left to right nowadays, too. Jetsetter era, commence!


7. Rehearse your answers to the IO

You probably already have your fair share of overthinking for all of the ~horror stories~ circulating online but chances are, all you need to present when it’s finally your turn is your passport, hotel booking, and return tickets. Answer politely, present what’s being asked, and poof – there goes the stamp on your passport and you can finally share the photos and videos taken in the airport. After all, with clear intentions to travel for leisure, what’s there to worry about?


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