Airbnb Guest Etiquette 101: How to Be a Responsible and Respectful Guest

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by | August 23, 2023

Staying in hotels and resorts isn’t something new, but with more Airbnbs, resorts, and private stays opening since the pandemic, we need to be reminded of important etiquette as guests. One recent incident involving a resort in Calamba, Laguna getting trashed by rowdy and drunk guests has made it clear that some of us need a refresher of proper guest etiquette.

Remember, even Airbnb hosts can rate their guests and you don’t want that bad rating. But when staying at any kind of lodging (not just Airbnbs), take the time to appreciate their hospitality by following these simple steps:


1. Clean up

Now, don’t start rolling your eyes and tell us you’re paying for cleaning fees anyway. We’re not telling you to start deep cleaning and scrubbing tiles but rearrange furniture, dishes, or equipment the way you found them. But be a decent guest and do some basic tidying up, especially food waste.  It doesn’t only help the staff with their jobs but it’s also telling of your character as guests.


2. Follow downtime hours

Be mindful of downtime or quiet hours, especially if you’re staying in a resort or Airbnb in a residential area. Sure, you’re there to have fun and take your time off, but if house rules say the use of karaoke is only until 10 PM, follow them. When owners remind you there’s limited electricity, especially in remote locations, plan accordingly and follow the lights off hours.


3. Drink responsibly

If you know you don’t do well with alcohol, don’t push your limits and try to keep up with your peers. Unless you want to end up like the culprits caught in the CCTV of the trashed resort. We’re not trying to generalize and say that drinking is bad, but forgetting your limit will only lead to bad decisions. As alcohol commercials say, drink responsibly.


4. Watch your pets

No furparent would want to leave their furbabies behind. If you’re staying in a pet-friendly resort or Airbnb, don’t expect that the host or owners would have everything that you’ll need, so come prepared. Bring their food, toiletries, and make sure they’re also well-trained and looked after to avoid damaging property.


5. Respect staff


It’s not going to cost extra to be personable and a pleasant guest. Yes, caretakers and staff are there to help you out but don’t be rude. Remember, treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s that simple!

If you’re happy with their service, it’s a good idea to leave a tip. Staff who go above and beyond for their guests deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts, after all!


6. Sort out any special requirements before your stay

If you have any special requirements, such as food allergies, extra extension cords, or mattresses for additional guests, make sure to smooth out the details before the date of your stay. This will not only ensure a ~smooth stay~ but also help hosts and caretakers provide the best services. Last-minute requests are stressful!


7. Don’t hog the freebies

Especially in hostels or resorts shared with other guests. Sure, it’s in Pinoy culture to take home amenities such as toothbrushes, shampoos, and soaps, but when it comes to shared consumables, don’t be too selfish. It costs extra for hosts to provide them too; take what you only need.


8. Mind the furniture and other amenities

You should feel right at home when you’re on vacation, but don’t forget that you’re just renting the place out and owners invested a huge chunk of money to provide you with quality amenities. The least you can do is to take care not to damage anything. Don’t be like the rowdy resort guests who even threw a well-functioning water dispenser… for what? Just because.


9. Leave feedback

Whether it’s satisfactory or not, it’s nice to extend your regards to the hosts. Let them know about your stay and any points to improve on because this will help them provide better service in the future.


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