Get Lost in Paradise at Backpackers Island in El Nido for P2,500/Night

Ready to rough it out?
by | March 06, 2023

Amid the hubbub of El Nido town are pockets of paradise that you can easily go to in case you want to disconnect, bask in the sun, and enjoy your own company. Sure, it’s fun to travel with a group, but exploring alone can still give the same amount of happiness, if not, even more. El Nido is one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines for solo travelers. If you’re planning to get away from it all for a few days, go back to basics and relax at a beach camping hut on Backpackers Island:

Beach Camping Hut at Backpackers Island

A powdery white sand beach, towering coconut trees, and simple beach huts – these are what await at Backpackers Island. These huts can be found on Darocotan Island, which is a 40-minute drive from downtown El Nido. Getting there, you also have to go on a 20-minute boat ride. The journey may take a little while but know that it’ll be worth it, especially if you’re in need of a place that’s serene and has postcard-like views.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb


There are plenty of beautiful villas and hotels around El Nido already, but a stay at Backpackers Island will bring you back to basics. You’ll stay at a traditional hut made from wood and bamboo, which are also the same building materials you’ll find around the camping grounds, from lounge chairs to fences.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

You’re going to learn how to rough it out, adding to the unique experience the island paradise offers. After all, you’re there to get your doses of sun and sea, and enjoy the chill vibes! Don’t forget to bring your sunblock and bug repellent.

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Each hut has a view of the sea, a comfy double bed, a mosquito net, a dining table, and seats.

via Airbnb

via Airbnb

The entire island runs on solar power, but it’s enough to provide lighting at night and you should be able to charge your gadgets too.

For dining, there’s a restaurant that serves healthy local and international dishes. When you feel like drinking at night or want a refreshing drink during the day, you can simply order from the mini bar on the island.


Location, Rates, and How to Book

The Backpackers Island Camp is located on Darocotan Island in El Nido, Palawan.

Rates start at P2,500 per night. This is inclusive of a one-way transfer via shuttle service, roundtrip boat transfers, and breakfast. Book here.

For booking inquiries and more information, contact the Airbnb host.


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