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Ready to rough it out?

Time to free up some space on your phone.

Explore the world safely!

Find your little home in the heart of the city.

Where do broken hearts go?

What's keeping you from seeing the world?

So you finally did it. You traveled to an entirely different city or country alone, and you're totally giving yourself a pat for doing something brave and exciting for once. Good job, self! But a few days into your trip, you

Adventure is out there!

"I was fascinated by the blue skies, amazed at the possibilities of an endless world unraveling before me."

What's on your 2017 solo travel bucket list?

For when you need to catch up on some work or just want to hide out.

Our correspondent gathers intelligence from experienced Pinay travelers on how to have fun and stay safe.

Traveling alone can reveal a better version of you, can help you be in the moment: just like falling in love.

To stay safe and prepared? There’s an app for that.

Because there are times when the best travel companion is yourself.

If you would go fast, go alone.

We all need a break from everything sometimes.

Calm and quite.

Let your sense of wanderlust take over.